8 Configure Management Console Users

Management Console users are JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users that you import from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. You determine which JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users should have access to the Management Console and assign each user to user groups, which are used to define the actions the users may perform.

An authorized user signs into the Management Console with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne credentials; a separate user ID and password are not required. The Management Console uses a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne security server for user authentication. The Management Console employs user groups as an efficient way to manage permissions and servers. Instead of administering these items at the user level, you can associate permissions with a user group.

For example, you might assign a set of users to a user group that allows the users to view the log files of a particular group of servers but not allow the users to start or stop the servers. You might also create a user group that enables its group members to completely administer the development servers but not to see the production servers within the Management Console application.

The Management Console user repository stores user group definitions, server group definitions, and authorization information.

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