1 Introduction

Oracle Exalytics is the industry's first engineered system for in-memory analytics that delivers extreme performance for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management applications. Built using best in class hardware, market- leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics is an optimized system that delivers speed of thought analysis with unmatched intelligence, simplicity and manageability.

Through the Oracle Fusion Middleware plug-in, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c enables you to proactively monitor and administer the status, performance, and health of your Exalytics system targets; so, it is more efficient and reacts faster to potential issues.

1.1 Features

The following features are supported:

  • Engineered System—hardware and software designed to work together.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation with hardware-specific optimizations.

  • Analytic In-Memory Database with Adaptive In-Memory Caching and Columnar Compression.

  • Optimized InfiniBand connectivity to Oracle Exadata.

  • Advanced data visualization.

  • Plug-and-play architecture.

1.2 Supported Hardware

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory System and Machine hardware:

  • Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4

  • Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X3-4