1.5 Grace Period Setting

The Grace Period setting, available on the connector configuration page, enables you to prevent creating many tickets for frequently created incidents due to reoccurrence of the same event on which the incident was created.

For example, an event is raised and causes an incident to be created in Enterprise Manager. The rule defined to create the ticket enforces the ticket to be created on the ServiceNow system. If the grace period is one hour and the event is cleared at 10:00 a.m., this clears the incident and ticket. If the same event reoccurs before 11:00 a.m. and enforces creation of another incident, then the grace period functionality stops creation of a new ticket and reopens the same ticket instead.

If you want to reopen a ticket with the Create, Update, and Close template, then the associated user (that is, the account used when setting up the connector) must have the role admin in ServiceNow. If you want to reopen a ticket for incident occurrences that fall within the grace period without the ServiceNow admin role, set the ticket status to Resolved instead of Closed when the incident clears or use a different template. This setting enables the ServiceNow Connector to reopen the ticket if the same incident reoccurs within the grace period.

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