1 Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Manager Licensing

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c is Oracle's single, integrated solution for managing all aspects of the Oracle Cloud and the applications running on it. Cloud Control couples a potent, top-down monitoring approach to delivering the highest quality of service for applications with a cost-effective automated configuration management, provisioning, and administrative solution. This powerful combination provides unequaled management for any size Oracle data center.

Oracle also offers several options, management packs, management plug-ins, and other products that enhance the capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager for specific purposes. This guide describes the separately licensed Oracle Enterprise Manager management packs, management plug-ins, and other products you can purchase to enhance the capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager in specific environments. This guide contains the following chapters and appendix:

1.1 License Authorization Requirement

You cannot use the options, packs, reports, licensed repository views, or Command Line Interface (CLI) verbs described in these chapters without the appropriate licenses. Although these options, Management Packs, or products may be included in product CDs or downloads, or described in documentation that you receive, this does not authorize you to use them without the appropriate licenses.

1.2 Showing Management Pack Information in Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager indicates licensed links by showing an abbreviation for a pack beside the licensed link. The default is to not show these abbreviations. To enable this feature, do the following:

  1. Access any Enterprise Manager Cloud Control page.

    For example, click Targets, then select Systems. On the Systems page, select a system name to display that system's home page.

  2. Click Setup (in the upper-right corner of the page), then Management Packs, and finally Enable Annotations. Once enabled, any page requiring a licensed pack will show the pack's abbreviation:

    • Target's home page menu - click the target's home page menu to see which pages require a licensed pack.

    • Licensed link - the abbreviation for the licensed pack will appear on the page. Clicking the link will display the Management Packs page showing information about all management packs (for example, abbreviation of the pack, pack name, and a brief description of the pack).

You can view the list of management packs any time. Click Setup, then Management Packs, and finally License Information.

1.3 Enabling and Disabling Management Packs in Enterprise Manager

To enable or disable the functionality for most packs in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c:

  1. Log in to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c as a super administrator.

    To check your Cloud Control version, click Help (in the upper right corner of the page), then About Oracle Enterprise Manager. A pop-up window will appear to display the version.

  2. Click Setup (in the upper right corner of the page), Management Packs, then Management Pack Access.

    The Management Pack Access page allows you to enable or disable access for each Management Pack on each listed target. Select Licensable Targets (default) or All Targets to view management pack access information. The Pack Access view options are:

    • Target Based - For each target listed, you can enable or disable the management packs associated with the target. For the target listed in the Name column, select the management packs for which you have access and click the box for that pack.

      For a new target, click the box in the Pack Access Agreed column to agree to the terms of the licensing agreement. The Pack Access Agreed option is available for selection only for a newly added target for which you have not accepted the terms of the Licensing Agreement. By default, the Pack Access Agreed option is not selected.

      Click Apply to save your changes.

    • Pack Based Batch Update - You can enable or disable management packs as a group across all licensable targets or for a specific target type. Select the type from the drop-down list. The Available Packs list will update based on your selection.

      Select the pack you want to enable/disable. Hold the Control key to select multiple packs. Click Move and then either the Enable or Disable access options.

      Click Apply to save your changes.

    • Auto Licensing - Enterprise Management users do not need to manually enable or disable management packs every time a new target is discovered. By using the Auto Licensing feature, you can define for each target type what packs a new target will be entitled to upon discovery.

      For example, if you add an additional database target, then all associated packs (such as, Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack, Database Tuning Pack) will be auto granted to the newly discovered database target. If you do not want these packs automatically enabled for new targets, you must disable Auto Licensing for the associated packs.

      Select the pack you want to enable/disable. Hold the Control key to select multiple packs. Click Move and then either the Enable or Disable Auto Licensing options. By default, Auto Licensing is enabled.

      If you disable any pack, it will appear in the Auto Licensing Disable List. Both the management pack name and the associated type will be included. Also, all targets of the associated target type discovered in the future will not get the pack by default.

      Click Apply to save your changes.

When you disable a Management Pack, links that are part of that pack will either be disabled or, when a link is clicked, a message will indicate that the associated pack is not licensed for use. After performing the previous steps to disable a pack, any administrator who logs in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c cannot access any Management Pack functionality that you have disabled.

1.4 Additional Database and Fusion Middleware Information

For additional information about licensed products associated with either Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware, or Oracle WebLogic Server, see the following documentation on the Oracle Technology Network:


  • Oracle Database Licensing Information

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Licensing Information

1.5 Enterprise Manager Restricted-use License

  • Enterprise Manager includes a restricted-use license of the Oracle Database for use only with the Oracle Management Repository as well as with the following complementary repositories used by Enterprise Manager: AWR Warehouse, Ops Center, Real User Experience Insight, Load Testing, and Test Manager.

    Additional database options or additional servers for disaster recovery require separate licensing. Customers receive one single-instance database with the Cloud Control, or RMAN, repository. To protect the repository with Data Guard, customers need to purchase a license for the standby site. To protect the repository with Oracle Real Application Clusters, customers must license the second node for the database, and both nodes require an Oracle Real Application Clusters license.

  • Use of Oracle WebLogic Server with Oracle Enterprise Manager is restricted to servlet functionality. A restricted-use license for WebLogic clustering is included, to support deployment of cluster of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher servers, only when used with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  • Use of Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is licensed, as long as the assemblies are deployed through Enterprise Manager.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager includes restricted use of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher and Business Intelligence Mobile for use with Enterprise Manager functions and interfaces only. This restricted BI Publisher license will allow reporting only against the Enterprise Manager repository and against data dictionary (including AWR and AWR Warehousing data) of target databases. In order to report against other data sources, it is necessary to have BI Publisher license.

  • Restricted-use license of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Cloning (Part #7102338) is included with Enterprise Manager Snap Clone, a feature of Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database.