What is Functional Configuration?

Accurate and successful movement of data from source database to target Business Analytics Warehouse requires several functional setups of BI Applications Offerings to be performed. These functional setups, based on either business requirements or on transactional source system settings or configurations, direct the manner in which relevant data is moved and transformed from source database to target database.

Additionally, some functional setups of BI Applications control the manner in which data is displayed. Functional setups are also called functional configurations. For more information, see Roadmap for Functional Configuration.

About Starting ETL After Functional Configuration

After all Tasks have been completed in FSM, use the ETL and Additional Information for <Offering>Informational Task (if available) to determine the Load Plan details that you must specify to perform ETL for that Offering. The ETL and Additional Information for <Offering> Informational Task specifies Subject Areas that you must include in the Load Plan, and other ETL requirements.

About Administrator Passwords

When you launch FSM from Oracle BI Applications Configuration Manager, you log into FSM using the same user name and password that you used to log into Oracle BI Applications Configuration Manager.

About Task Lists and Tasks for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Offerings

When you navigate to an Implementation Project in Functional Setup Manager (FSM), you see the Tasks related to the Offering specified for that Implementation Project.

The example screenshot shows the Functional Tasks for Oracle Financial Analytics.

For more information about types of Functional Task, see About Functional Setup Tasks in FSM.

The following Task Lists and Tasks are available for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications:

  • Getting Started with <Offering> — Each Offering has this Informational Task, which provides an overview of that Offering, and any other information that you need to begin configuration.

  • ETL and Additional Information for <Offering> — Each Offering has this Informational Task, which lists Functional Areas, and other useful information about configuring the Offering.

  • System Setup and Post-Install Setup — This task must be completed once per Oracle BI Applications deployment by the System Administrator before Functional Configuration can begin on any Offering, and includes all mandatory post-installation steps for Oracle BI Applications.

  • Common Areas and Dimensions — This Task List includes Tasks that are common to multiple Offerings. For more information about completing common Tasks, see About Completing Tasks in the Common Areas and Dimensions Configurations Task List.

  • <Offering specific Tasks> — For a full list of functional Tasks for each Offering, use the Task List and Task reports that are available in FSM.