Upgrading the RPD

Follow these instructions to upgrade RPD using the BI Update Metatdata Tool .

To upgrade RPD using the BI Update Metatdata Tool:
  1. Take a back-up of the RPD.
  2. Create a writable directory where logs will be stored.

    For example, C:\RPD_Upgrade or WORKDIR_HOME/ RPD_Upgrade

  3. Run the following command to upgrade the RPD:
    <BI_Oracle_Home>/jdk/jre/bin/java -cp 
    oracle.as.biapps.patch.update.UpdateBIAppsMetadata bi.oracle.home=<BI Oracle Home> bi.admin.url=<BI EM Admin URL> bi.admin.username=<bi EM Admin User> 
    bi.admin.password=<BI EM Admin User Password> only.apply=rpd log.file=<Work dir>/rpd.log log.level=FINEST work.dir=<writable work dir path> 
    /Middleware_Home/Oracle_BI1/jdk/jre/bin/java -cp 
    bi.oracle.home=/Middleware_Home>/Oracle_BI1 bi.admin.url=http://host:7001 
    bi.admin.username=weblogic bi.admin.password=password only.apply=rpd 
    log.file=/WORKDIR_HOME/RPD_Upgrade/rpd.log log.level=FINEST 
    work.dir=/WORKDIR_HOME/RPD_Upgrade saas.env=false
    For example: The password is prompted after the process is started.

    Optional Parameters:log.level - default is INFO. Valid values are FINEST, FINE, INFO, WARNING, SEVERE.