Oracle Database SODA for Java Online Documentation, 1.0



Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) lets you create and store collections of documents in Oracle Database, retrieve them, and query them, without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL) or how the data in the documents is stored in the database.

SODA for Java is a Java API that provides SODA. You can use it to perform create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on documents of any kind, and you can use it to query JSON documents.

With the SODA architecture, a database contains collections, and each collection contains documents. SODA for Java is designed primarily for working with JSON documents, but a document can be of any Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type.

A database is analogous to an Oracle RDBMS schema, a collection is analogous to a table, and a document is analogous to a table row with one column for the document key and another column for the document content.


SODA for Java consists of a set of simple Java classes that represent a database, a collection, and a document.
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