36 Monitoring System Performance

This information focuses on Oracle Communications Messaging Server monitoring, however, you also need to monitor the system on which the server resides. A well-configured server cannot perform well on a poorly-tuned system, and symptoms of server failure may be an indication that the hardware is not powerful enough to serve the email load. This information does not provide all the details for monitoring system performance as many of these procedures are platform specific and may require that you refer to the platform specific system documentation.

This chapter contains the following topics:

Monitoring End-to-end Message Delivery Times

Email needs to be delivered on time. This may be a service agreement requirement, but also it is good policy to have mail delivered as quickly as possible. Slow end-to-end times could indicate a number of things. It may be that the server is not working properly, or that certain times of the day experience overwhelming message loads, or that the existing hardware resources are being pushed beyond their capacity.

Symptoms of Poor End-to-end Message Delivery Times

Mail takes a longer period of time to be delivered than normal.

To Monitor End-to-end Message Delivery Times

  • Use any facility that sends a message and receives it. Compare the headers times between server hops, and times between point of origin and retrieval. See "immonitor-access."

Monitoring CPU Usage

High CPU usage is either a sign that there is not enough CPU capacity for the level of usage or some process is using up more CPU cycles than is appropriate.

Symptoms of CPU Usage Problems

Poor system response time. Slow logging in of users. Slow rate of delivery.

To Monitor CPU Usage

Monitoring CPU usage is a platform specific task. Refer to the relevant platform documentation.