38 Monitoring User Access to the Message Store

Oracle Communications Messaging Server provides the command, imsconnutil, which allows you to monitor user's message store access via IMAP, POP and http. You can also determine the last log in and log out of users. This command works on a per message store basis and will not work across message stores.


Use of this function or other Messaging Server functions to monitor, read or otherwise access user's email may constitute a potential source of liability if used in violation of applicable laws or regulations or if used in violation of the customer's own policies or agreements.

This command requires root access by the system user (default: mailsrv), and you must set the configuration variables local.imap.enableuserlist, local.http.enableuserlist,local.enablelastaccess to 1.

To list users currently logged on via IMAP or any web mail client, use the following command:

imsconnutil -c

To list the last IMAP, POP, or Messenger Express access (log in and log out) of every user on the message store use:

imsconnutil -a

The following command does two things: 1) it determines whether the specified user is currently logged on via IMAP or Messenger Express or any client that connects via mshttp (note that this does not work for POP because POP users generally do not stay connected), and 2) it lists the last time the users have logged on and off:

imsconnutil -c -a -u user_ID

Note that a list of users can be input from a file, one user per line, using the following command:

imsconnutil -c -a -f filename

You can also specify a particular service (imap or http) using the -s flag. For example, to list whether a particular user ID is logged onto IMAP or not, use the following command:

imsconnutil -c -s imap -u user_ID

Note that the -k option may only work if IMAP IDLE is configured. For a complete description of the imsconnutil syntax, refer to "imsconnutil." Here is some example output:

$ imsconnutil -a -u soroork
UID     IMAP last access    HTTP last access    POP last access
ed   08/Jul/2003:10:49:05   10/Jul/2003:14:55:52  ---NOT-RECORDED---
$ imsconnutil -c
UID    TIME                AUTH            TO                 FROM
ed   17/Jun/2003:11:24:03  plain
bil  17/Jun/2003:04:28:43  plain
mia  17/Jun/2003:09:36:54  plain
jay  17/Jun/2003:05:38:46  plain
pau  17/Jun/2003:12:23:28  plaintext
ton  17/Jun/2003:05:38:46  plain
ani  17/Jun/2003:12:26:40  plaintext
ani  17/Jun/2003:12:25:17  plaintext
jac  17/Jun/2003:12:26:32  plaintext
ton  17/Jun/2003:12:25:32  plaintext
10 users were logged in to imap.
Feature is not enabled for http.