7.2 Installing Diagnostic Tools for Oracle VM Server

As an optional post-installation step, Oracle recommends that you also install and configure diagnostics tools on all Oracle VM Servers. These tools can be used to help debug and diagnose issues such as system crashes, hanging, unscheduled reboots, and OCFS2 cluster errors. The output from these tools can be used by Oracle Support and can significantly improve resolution and response times. See Diagnostic Tools for Oracle VM Server in the Oracle VM Administrator's Guide guide for information on installing the diagnostic and support tools.


When installing Oracle VM Server, you are given the option to enable Kdump. Kdump is a crash dumping mechanism that captures a memory dump image for dom0 in the event of a system crash. Oracle strongly recommends that you enable Kdump during installation. See Section 2.1.2, “Installing Oracle VM Server From a DVD-ROM” for more information.