4.1 Oracle VM Manager Components

The applications necessary to run Oracle VM Manager are packaged in the ISO image. Some or all of the following applications may be installed on the host computer when you install Oracle VM Manager:

Oracle VM Manager

The Oracle VM Manager application provided as a Oracle WebLogic Server domain and container.

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Standard Edition, including Application Development Framework (ADF) Release 12c, is included with the Oracle VM Manager. Use of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Standard Edition is restricted to use with Oracle VM Manager. For more information about Oracle WebLogic Server, see the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c documentation:


MySQL Enterprise Edition

MySQL Enterprise Edition is included for use as the Oracle VM Manager Management Repository. Use of MySQL Enterprise Edition, including without limitation MySQL Enterprise Backup, is restricted to use with Oracle VM Manager.

This MySQL database is installed locally using the packages that are bundled with the Oracle VM Manager installer. Oracle VM Manager makes use of its own version of MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition which is licensed for exclusive use by Oracle VM. MySQL is installed into the standard location with databases and configuration information located at /u01/app/oracle/mysql/data. The MySQL server that is installed uses a non-standard TCP Port (49500) for exclusive use by Oracle VM Manager. Do not use the bundled database for other applications.

To prevent potential conflicts with existing MySQL installations, The Oracle VM Manager installer requires that you remove any existing MySQL installation prior to installation. If you are running MySQL on the system where you are installing Oracle VM Manager, the installer exits to allow you to backup any existing databases and remove the existing MySQL instance before proceeding with the installation.


Oracle VM Manager Release 3.4 does not support the use of any database other than MySQL Enterprise Edition.