1.6 Installing Oracle VM Server on SPARC

Installing Oracle VM Server on a SPARC server requires you install and configure the following on the SPARC server:

  1. Oracle Solaris OS in the control domain.

  2. Oracle VM Server for SPARC. This is included in Oracle Solaris 11 OS.

  3. Oracle VM Agent for SPARC.


Installing Oracle Solaris within the control domain will destroy the data on the disk on which it is installed, however if Oracle Solaris 11 is already installed within the control domain then Oracle VM Server for SPARC is already available and there is no need to reinstall. Setting up Oracle VM Server for SPARC in this environment will not result in any data being destroyed.

See Section 2.2, “Installing Oracle VM Server on SPARC Hardware” for detailed information on installing Oracle VM Server on SPARC servers.

If you want to use more than one Oracle VM Server, repeat the installation process.

To automate the install, see Chapter 3, Performing a Network Installation of Oracle VM Server.