6.1 Troubleshooting Oracle VM Server Installation or Upgrade

6.1.1 FCoE SAN not Listed as Available Drive

If you are attempting to install Oracle VM Server into a Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) SAN that the installer does not list, you must manually rediscover the FCoE SAN. Start the Oracle VM Server installation program and complete the following steps:

  1. Advance to the Partitioning Type screen and then press F2 to enter the Advanced Storage Options screen.

  2. Select the Add the FCoE SAN option and then select OK.

  3. On the Add the FCoE SAN screen, select the NIC that is connected to the FCoE SAN, deselect the Use DCB option, and then select OK.

The installer connects to the FCoE SAN and returns to the Partitioning Type screen. Continue with the installation of Oracle VM Server as described in Section 2.1.2, “Installing Oracle VM Server From a DVD-ROM”.

6.1.2 Oracle VM Server Cluster Configuration Warning After Upgrade

In some cases, after upgrading Oracle VM Server, you can encounter warning messages that indicate the cluster service for the server pool is not running. An example of the warning message is as follows:

OVMEVT_003500D_003 Active data was not found. Cluster service is probably not running.

To resolve this issue, refresh the affected server pool and the file system.