Chapter 4 Create a Virtual Machine Network

This figure shows the visual indicator that shows where you are in the tutorial. The Create a virtual machine network option is selected. This is step three of a seven step process.

Oracle VM has a number of network functions: Server Management, Live Migrate, Cluster Heartbeat, Virtual Machine, and Storage. The Server Management, Live Migrate and Cluster Heartbeat roles are automatically assigned to the management network when you discover Oracle VM Servers. The Virtual Machine and Storage roles are not automatically created, and you must manually create these. The Storage role is only required for iSCSI-based storage, so for the purposes of the NFS-based storage used in this tutorial, is not required. We do, however, need to create a network with the Virtual Machine role. This can be assigned to the existing management network, or a new network can be created and the Virtual Machine role assigned to it. This tutorial shows you how to create a new network and assign the Virtual Machine role to it. See Understanding Networks for information on creating and configuring networks.