1.8 Find Icon

Click Find icon to display the Find dialog box. Depending on the location of this icon within the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface, different search options are available. Each Find dialog contains three fields, Type, Name and Result. The Type field contains options relevant to the context in which the dialog has been displayed. For example, when you click Find icon in the navigation pane of the Servers and VMs tab, the Type field contains options to search for:

  • Server Pools

  • Servers

  • Assigned Servers

  • Unassigned Servers

  • Virtual Machines

  • Assigned Virtual Machines

  • Unassigned Virtual Machines

The Name field allows you to filter the search results based on the name of objects. You can use special searching options such as * and %. See Section 1.16, “Name Filters” for more about using the Name field to filter search results.