8.2 Recurring

Oracle VM Manager periodically performs recurring jobs, such as repositories and file systems refresh, and Yum updates for Oracle VM Servers. Select the Jobs tab and then select the Recurring subtab to view and edit the settings for these jobs. To edit a recurring job, see Section 8.2.1, “Edit a Recurring Job”. Note that some recurring jobs are considered internal and are not listed within Oracle VM Manager.

Recurring jobs are listed in Table 8.3, “Recurring Jobs”.

Table 8.3 Recurring Jobs

Recurring Job


Refresh Repositories' File Systems Task

As of Oracle VM 3.4, the file system statistics are automatically sent to Oracle VM Manager by each Oracle VM Server periodically along with other statistics used for health monitoring. Previous releases used a less efficient algorithm that required Oracle VM Manager to regularly poll each Oracle VM Server to refresh file system statistics. This recurring task is required for environments that are in the process of an upgrade and where some Oracle VM Servers in the environment are running a previous version of the software. When enabled, the Refresh Repositories' File Systems Task polls any Oracle VM Servers running a previous release of the software and requests current file systmem statistics. This information is used so that Oracle VM Manager is able to accurately represent the size of any used file systems and the free space available for each of these. This helps to minimize the time that a file system is locked during an operation. The default setting for this job is disabled with an interval of 61 minutes.

It is important to understand that this task does not refresh the contents of a repository. If you manually add repository elements to a repository file system without using Oracle VM Manager, this task does not automatically update Oracle VM Manager. Instead, you should refresh the repository manually, as described in Section, “Refresh Repository”.

Server Upgrade Checker Task

The Server Upgrade Checker Task periodically checks that all owned Oracle VM Servers known to Oracle VM Manager have the latest product versions installed. This check is performed against the updates available in the Yum repository. The default setting for this job is enabled with an interval of 1464 minutes.

This subtab includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 8.4 Recurring Subtab Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option




Edit icon

Displays the Edit Recurring Job dialog. Use this option to edit a recurring job.


Help icon

Displays context sensitive help.

8.2.1 Edit a Recurring Job

To edit a recurring job

  1. Select the Jobs tab and then select the Recurring subtab.

  2. Select a job in the Recurring Jobs table.

  3. Click Edit... Edit icon in the toolbar.

  4. The Edit Recurring Job: job_name dialog box is displayed. Edit the recurring job as required and click OK.