2.1 Configuring Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Session Timeout

You can change the amount of time that an Oracle VM Manager session can remain inactive before a timeout occurs through the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console.

To configure Oracle VM Manager Web Interface session timeout, do the following:

  1. Open the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console at:


    Where hostname is the Oracle VM Manager hostname or IP address.

  2. Log in as the weblogic user.

  3. Locate the Domain Structure pane on the left and then click Deployments.

  4. Click Next in the list of deployed applications until you locate the ovm_console application.

  5. Click "+" to expand the ovm_console application and then click ovm/console.

    The settings for ovm_console are displayed.

  6. Click the Configuration tab and then click Lock and Edit in the Change Center pane to modify the settings.

  7. From the Configuration tab, locate the General subtab and then edit the value of the Session Timeout field. The default setting is half an hour (1800 seconds).

    When you are finished with your changes, click Save.


    If you receive a permissions related error, you might need to change the permissions or ownership on the file located at /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/weblogic/deploy/ovm_console/plan/plan.xml. Use the following command:

    chown oracle:dba /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/weblogic/deploy/ovm_console/plan/plan.xml

    After you change permissions on the file, you must edit and save the value of the Session Timeout field again.

  8. Click Deployments in the Domain Structure pane on the left to return to the list of deployed applications.

  9. Locate and select the ovm_console check box and then click Update to redeploy the application.

  10. Change the source and deployment plan paths as appropriate and then click Finish.

  11. To activate the changes, click Activate Changes in the Change Center.


Due to the nature of some pages served within Oracle VM Manager, the client browser auto-refreshes regularly to poll for changes. This is particularly apparent on the Health page. Since the client is constantly refreshing, UI timeout may not behave as expected. Therefore, a configuration parameter for ADF has been set to timeout automatic polling after a default period of 20 minutes where there has been no mouse or keyboard interaction within Oracle VM Manager. This means that for these pages, the UI timeout value only becomes effective after the polling timeout has been effected.

Changes to the polling timeout are not directly configurable. If you require this facility to be modified contact Oracle Support.