1.4.1 Working with the OSWatcher Utility on Oracle VM Server

OSWatcher (oswbb) is a collection of shell scripts that collect and archive operating system and network metrics to diagnose performance issues with Oracle VM Server. OSWatcher operates as a set of background processes to gather data with standard UNIX utilities such as vmstat, netstat and iostat.

By default, OSWatcher is installed on Oracle VM Server and is enabled to run at boot. The following table describes the OSWatcher program and main configuration file:




The main OSWatcher program. If required, you can configure certain parameters for statistics collection. However, you should do so only if Oracle Support advises you to change the default configuration.


This file defines the directory where OSWatcher log files are saved, the interval between statistics collection, and the maximum amount of time to retain archived statistics.


It is not possible to specify a limit to the data that the OSWatcher utility collects. For this reason, you should be careful when modifying the default configuration so that the OSWatcher utility does not use all available space on the system disk.

To start, stop, and check the status of OSWatcher, use the following command:

# service oswatcher {start|stop|status|restart|reload|condrestart}

For detailed information on the data that OSWatcher collects and how to analyze the output, as well as for instructions on sending the data to Oracle Support, see the OSWatcher User Guide in the following directory on Oracle VM Server: /usr/share/doc/oswatcher-x.x.x/