6.2 Prerequisites for Ksplice on Oracle VM Server


Ksplice is available for Oracle Premier Support customers. You require a valid Customer Support Identifier (CSI) to be able to install and use Ksplice for Oracle VM Server.

Starting with release 3.4.5 (build 1919), Oracle VM Server can use Ksplice to update the Xen hypervisor, the kernel and any user space packages. If your servers are running an earlier version of Oracle VM Server, you must upgrade and reboot first. To qualify for hypervisor patching, the servers must be running Xen 4.4.4-196 or newer.

To make sure that your servers meet the prerequisites for Ksplice, run the following checks:

  1. Log in to the server.

  2. From the Oracle Linux command line, check the current version of Oracle VM Server. It must be release 3.4.5 build 1919 or newer.

    # cat /etc/ovs-info | head -n 4
    OVS summary
    release: 3.4.5
    date: 201805301526
    build: 1919
  3. From the Oracle Linux command line, check the current version of Xen. It must be version 4.4.4-196 or newer.

    # rpm -qa | grep "xen.*4.4.4"
  4. If the current versions of Oracle VM Server or Xen do not meet the minimum requirements, upgrade to the latest version of Oracle VM 3.4 before proceeding.

  5. Repeat these steps on all Oracle VM Servers with which you intend to use Ksplice.