4.3 Restricting User Authentication to Oracle WebLogic Server Groups

Configure Oracle VM Manager to restrict authentication to users in specific Oracle WebLogic Server groups, such as administrative groups, as follows:

  1. Start an ssh session to the Oracle VM Manager host computer.

  2. Open the following file for editing: /etc/sysconfig/ovmm.

  3. Specify the Oracle WebLogic Server user group that can authenticate to Oracle VM Manager as the value for the AUTHORIZED_GROUPS entry.

    Enclose the value in double quotes and use a comma to separate multiple values, for example:

  4. Save and close /etc/sysconfig/ovmm.

  5. Restart Oracle VM Manager to apply the changes.

Only users who belong to the groups that you specify can authenticate to Oracle VM Manager. If the AUTHORIZED_GROUPS entry does not exist, or has no value, then all Oracle WebLogic Server users can authenticate to Oracle VM Manager.

For more information about working with users and groups, navigate to the Manage users and groups topic in the Oracle WebLogic Server online help.