9.2 Oracle VM Retrieve Disk (ovm_vmdisks)

The ovm_vmdisks script retrieves details about virtual disks. This script lists every virtual disk for a given virtual machine, as well as the virtual machine configuration (vm.cfg) file. If the virtual disks are physical devices directly attached to the virtual machine, this script lists the device mapper entry on the Oracle VM Server to which the virtual machine is assigned. If the virtual disks are files on an NFS server, the utility lists the NFS server name, mount point, and file name and location.


ovm_vmdisks { -u username } { -p password | -E } { -h hostname } { -v vm_name | -U vm_uuid }


The following table shows the available options for this command.



-u username

Username of an Oracle VM Manager admin user. This option is required.

[ -p password | -E ]

Corresponding password for the Oracle VM Manager admin user. You can specify the password as follows:

  • Do not set an option for the password in the command line. The Oracle VM Utilities then prompt you to specify it. You should use this method to set the password.

  • Set the password as an environment variable and then use the -E option. It is best practice to remove the environment variable when it is no longer required.

    You must use the OVMUTIL_PASS environment variable with the -E option. Set this variable for a single session as follows:

    # export OVMUTIL_PASS=password
  • Specify the password on the command line with the -p option. This option is deprecated as of Oracle VM Release 3.4.

{ -h hostname }

Hostname of the server running Oracle VM Manager.

-v vm_name

Virtual machine name.

-U vm_uuid

Virtual machine UUID. If you do not specify the virtual machine name with the -v vm_name option, you must specify the UUID of the virtual machine.


Example 9.3 Listing virtual disks for a virtual machine

# ./ovm_vmdisks -u admin -p Welcome1 -h localhost -v MyVM01
Oracle VM Retrieve Disk utility 2.1.
Connecting to OVM Manager using Web Service.
Virtual Machine : 'MyVM01'
Assigned Server : OVS_01
Virtual Disk : '0004fb00001200003a3384c82332cce4.img' size : 50GB
    Mounted Path=/OVS/Repositories/ \
    0004fb0000030000c96714fda5ef202f/ \
    Absolute Path=IP_address:/ \
Config File :
   Mounted Path=/OVS/Repositories/ \
   0004fb0000030000c96714fda5ef202f/ \
   Absolute Path=IP_address:/ \