2.2 Installing Oracle VM Manager

This section describes how to install and configure Oracle VM Manager securely.

All applications and components required to run Oracle VM Manager are packaged in an installer ISO image. To install, burn the image onto a DVD-ROM and insert it into the host server, or mount the image onto the host server file system. The components involved in the Oracle VM Manager installation are:

Oracle VM Manager

The Oracle VM Manager web application is provided as an Oracle WebLogic Server domain and container.

Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle VM Manager runs on top of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, including Application Development Framework (ADF) Release 12c. See the Oracle WebLogic Server documentation for more information:


Oracle VM Manager has a simple domain topology that consists of a single Oracle WebLogic Server on which the Oracle VM Web Services API, Oracle VM Manager Web Interface, and Oracle VM Manager Online Help run.

MySQL Database

Oracle VM uses an Oracle MySQL Enterprise database as a back end repository.


Oracle VM Manager includes a restricted-use license of these databases for use as the Oracle VM Manager Management Repository only.

The installation process in Oracle VM Release 3.4, allows you use of the bundled local MySQL database only.

Prior to installation of Oracle VM Manager for the first time, you should run the provided createOracle.sh script to properly setup the installation directory, file system permissions, users and groups and default firewall rules on the host where you are installing the product.

During installation, you set the users and passwords to use for the Oracle VM Manager database, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle VM Manager during the installation. Choose clear user names and secure passwords. The password rules are:

  • Must be 8-16 characters in length, but be aware that an 8 character password is still considered fairly weak and you should aim for 12 characters at a minimum.

  • Contains at least 1 uppercase letter.

  • Contains at least 1 lowercase letter.

  • Contains at least 1 numeric value.

For more details, see Installing Oracle VM Manager in the Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide.

For all security information related to the database, consult the following Oracle Technology Network (OTN) resources:


Installing Oracle VM Manager as a guest on an Oracle VM Server in your managed environment is possible for testing and demo purposes, but not a recommended practice. Before you decide to create this setup, consider the following:

  • The setup procedure is relatively complicated.

  • The virtual machine running Oracle VM Manager could easily be shut down by accident.

  • If the server pool goes offline, recovering the environment will be difficult or may fail.

  • In addition to the risk of data loss or corruption, a race condition may occur because of the way the NTP service works: Oracle VM Manager is normally the NTP source for the entire environment, but as a virtual machine it is also a client of the NTP service.