3.3 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.4.6?

Oracle VM Release 3.4.6 includes features, enhancements, and security updates that were included in previous 3.4.x errata releases.

New features and enhancements included in Oracle VM Release 3.4.6 are as follows:


Oracle VM Agent for SPARC Support for Oracle Solaris 11.4

The Oracle VM Agent for SPARC has been updated to support Oracle Solaris 11.4. For more information, refer to the Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Update to the dom0 Kernel

The dom0 kernel for Oracle VM Server is updated to the latest Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 Update 7 (UEK R4 U7) in this release. See the UEK R4 U7 Release Notes for information on new features and updates: Release Notes for Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 Update 7.


Support for Ksplice patching for Xen and user space

Oracle VM Server now supports Ksplice patching for the Xen hypervisor and critical user space packages. This product enhancement extends the Ksplice kernel patching support already offered on the Oracle VM Server to cover the following Oracle VM components:

  • Xen hypervisor

  • glibc

  • OpenSSL

  • QEMU

Oracle Ksplice technology allows you to update systems with new security errata (CVE) patches without the need to reboot. This enables you to remain current with operating system vulnerability patches while minimizing downtime. For additional information, see Updating Oracle VM Server with Oracle Ksplice in the Oracle VM Administrator's Guide


New User-Defined Validity in Months Option for Self-Signed SSL Certificates

A new Validity in Months option is now available when generating a new SSL certificate, allowing you to set the validity period for a self-signed SSL certificate in months. The default is 120 months (10 years). For more information, see Generating a New SSL Key in the Oracle VM Administrator's Guide.

New Option to Change the Location of a Running Virtual Machine

A new Move this VM to a different Repository option is now available to move a vm.cfg file from one repository to another while the virtual machine is in running state by creating an empty clone customizer. For more information, see Migrate or Move Virtual Machines in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.

Increased Virtual CPU Configuration Limit for HVM and PVHVM

The Virtual CPU limit has been increased to 64 for HVM Microsoft Windows guests and for PVHVM, if using Oracle VM Paravirtual Drivers for Microsoft Windows. For more information, see Table 7.3, “Virtual Machine Maximums”.

Deprecated Features

Oracle VM Release 3.4.6 Deprecated Features

For information about features that have been deprecated or removed in Oracle VM Release 3.4.6, see Chapter 8, Deprecated and Removed Oracle VM Features in the Oracle VM Release Notes.


Security updates included

Security updates included in this errata update release are as follows:

  • Oracle MySQL patch update: This release of Oracle VM includes the October 2018 Critical Patch Update for MySQL. (28328418)

  • Oracle WebLogic patch update: This release of Oracle VM includes the October 2018 Critical Patch Update for WebLogic. (28328407)

  • Oracle Java patch update: This release of Oracle VM includes the October 2018 Critical Patch Update for Java. (28328428)

  • Xen security advisories: The following Xen security advisories are included in this release:

    • XSA-263 (CVE-2018-3639)

    • XSA-267 (CVE-2018-3665)

    • XSA-273 (CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646)

    • XSA-282