76 Warehouse Suggestion

This chapter includes these topics:

76.1 Warehouse Suggestion Overview

This chapter provides detailed information about the business interfaces that are available for the Warehouse Suggestion business object.

This table lists all of the available interface components:

Interface Type Available Interfaces
Batch Import Programs This list includes the batch import programs for the Warehouse Suggestion business object:
  • Inbound Suggestion Processor (R4611Z1I)


You can find additional technical information about each type of business interface component. For additional descriptions of the information available, and instructions for finding this information, see Chapter 5, "Accessing Additional Information for Business Interface Components."

76.2 Warehouse Suggestion Batch Import Programs

You use batch import programs to import data from an external software system into the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system, where it can then be processed by EnterpriseOne programs.

This table lists and describes the available batch import programs that are associated with the Warehouse Suggestion business object:

Program and Program Type Description Available Documentation
Inbound Suggestion Processor (R4611Z1I) This program uses interoperability table F4611Z1 to confirm and or cancel existing suggestions through inbound interoperability.

Data in the suggestions table (F4611) must be manually populated into the F4611Z1 table using the application P4611Z1.

You specify whether the record is confirmed or canceled by populating the Transaction action Field in P4611Z1 with appropriate value.

You then run the R4611Z1I to process the suggestions. If an invalid transaction action code is used, the suggestions are not updated.

Refer to document ID659204.1 in My Oracle Support for additional details.

This program can be accessed using fast path BV (batch versions.).