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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Localizations for China

2 Understanding Localizations for China

3 Setting Up Localizations for China

4 Generating Financial Reports for Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai

5 Printing VAT Invoices Using the Golden Tax Software System

6 Setting Up for Exporting Financial Information In China

7 Exporting Financial Information into Flat Files for China

8 Generating Financial Reports Dynamically for China

9 Understanding CNAO Version 2 Audit Files in China

10 Setting Up Your System to Generate CNAO Version 2 Audit Files

11 Setting Up and Generating the CNAO Shared Information XML File

12 Setting Up and Generating Payroll Information for CNAO Audit Files for China

13 Setting Up and Generating AP and AR Information for CNAO Audit Files

14 Setting Up and Generating GL Information for CNAO Audit Files

15 Setting Up and Generating Fixed Assets Information for CNAO Audit Files

16 Working with Other Chinese Functionality

A Fields for XML Files for China CNAO Audit Files

B Rows and Columns for Beijing Financial Reports

C Rows and Columns for Guangzhou Financial Reports

D Rows and Columns for Shanghai Financial Reports