Bank Transit

Enter the number that is assigned to a particular bank by the Federal Reserve. This number facilitates the clearing of funds.

Budget Pattern

Enter a three-character code that identifies a season pattern. The system uses this code to calculate budget amounts for an accounting period.

Ledger Type 1 and Ledger Type 2

Enter codes that identify two ledger types in UDC table 09/LT. For example, enter AA in the Ledger Type 1 field and BA in the Ledger Type 2 field to display all AA ledger type records in the F0911 table and any matching records with a BA ledger type.

Net Postings

Displays an accumulated amount that shows the net postings for a period or year.

Transaction Code

Enter a code from UDC table 09/BJ that identifies the type of transaction that appears on a bank statement. The system uses this value to identify a journal entry, customer payment, and so on.