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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Accounting

2 Understanding the General Accounting System

3 Setting Up the General Accounting System

4 Setting Up Burdening

5 Setting Up Advanced Variable Numerator Allocations

6 Setting Up Account Reconciliation

7 Setting Up Automatic Bank Statement Processing

8 Setting Up Budget Forecasting and Planning

9 Setting Up Cash Forecasting

10 Setting Up Statements of Cash Flow

11 Setting Up Cash Basis Accounting

12 Setting Up 52 Period Accounting

13 Processing Journal Entries

14 Processing Batch Journal Entries

15 Processing Allocations

16 Processing Burdening

17 Processing Reburdening

18 Processing Actual Rate Calculation

19 Reconciling Bank Account Transactions

20 Reconciling Debit and Credit Amounts

21 Reconciling Bank Tapes

22 Reconciling Clearing Accounts

23 Processing Bank Statements Manually

24 Processing Bank Statements Automatically

25 Creating Budgets

26 Uploading Budget Data

27 Forecasting and Planning Budgets

28 Processing Cash Forecast Data

29 Creating Cash Basis Entries

30 Using 52 Period Accounting

31 Understanding Account Consolidations

32 Processing Online Consolidations

33 Processing High-Volume Consolidations

34 Processing Multisite Consolidations

35 Reviewing Balances and Transactions

36 Generating Financial Reports

37 Verifying Data Integrity for General Accounting

38 Maintaining Batch Headers

39 Reposting the Account Ledger and Recalculating a Fiscal Year

40 Reposting the Burdening Ledger and Recalculating a Fiscal Year

41 Revising an Organization

42 Closing Accounting and Reporting Periods

43 Closing the Fiscal Year

44 Summarizing Records and Purging Records

A General Accounting Tables

B Mapping Fields for Journal Entry Batch Processing

C Field Mapping for Automatic Bank Statement Processing

D Mapping Fields for Budget Data Import

E Mapping Fields for Inbound Multisite Consolidations

F Delivered Workflow for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Accounting

G JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Accounting Reports

H Delivered User Defined Objects for General Accounting (Release 9.2 Update)