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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost

2 Setting Up the Job Cost System

3 Setting Up Jobs

4 Setting Up Cost Code Structures

5 Understanding Setup for Project Status Inquiry (Release 9.2 Update)

6 Setting Up Columns, Formulas, and Visual Alerts (Release 9.2 Update)

7 Working with Revenue Performance Obligations (Release 9.2 Update)

8 Entering Budgets and Scheduling Jobs

9 Inquiring on Job Information

10 Tracking Job Progress

11 Recognizing Profit

12 Forecasting Job Revenue and Cost

13 Processing Draws

14 Running Job Cost Updates

15 Selecting Job and Billing Data to View (Release 9.2 Update)

16 Viewing Job and Billing Data (Release 9.2 Update)

17 Generating Job and Billing Data to View Later (Release 9.2 Update)

18 Working With Saved Results (Release 9.2 Update)

A JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost Reports

B Tables Used by the Job Cost System

C Delivered User Defined Objects for Job Cost (Release 9.2 Update)