14 Assigning Overhead Rules (Release 9.2 Update)

This chapter discusses:

14.1 Understanding Overhead Rule Assignments

You assign overhead rule for the system to determine how to calculate overhead for the business units associated with a joint venture. You can assign an overhead rule to any level in the hierarchy below:

  1. Joint Venture Company

  2. Joint Venture

  3. Project Number

  4. Business Unit

Depending on the complexity of your joint venture, you might require several assignment records of overhead rule to determine which overhead rule to use for each business unit. For example, the majority of your business units might use one overhead rule. In such a case, you would create an assignment record at the company level so that all of the joint ventures and business units under that company use this assignment record. If there is a business unit that you want to exclude from the company group, you must create a specific assignment record that identifies the overhead rule name to use for this business unit.

When attempting to retrieve overhead rules to calculate the overhead, the system uses a hierarchical search through the assignment records starting with the lowest level in the hierarchy (Business Unit), and overriding the records that are assigned to the higher levels in the hierarchy (Project Number, Company, and Joint Venture).

You use the Overhead Rule Assignments program (P09J57) to assign overhead rules. The system stores this information in the Overhead Rule Assignments table (F09J57).

You can access the Overhead Rules and the Joint Venture Master program from the form menu on the Work with Overhead Rule Assignments form.

14.2 Working with Overhead Rule Assignments

You can assign overhead rules to calculate overhead associated with a joint venture in the EnterpriseOne system using the Overhead Rule Assignments program (P09J57).

14.2.1 Creating an Overhead Rule Assignments Record

To create an overhead rule assignment record:

  1. From the Joint Venture Management module (G09J), click Joint Venture Setup, and then Overhead Rule Assignments.

  2. On the Work with Overhead Rule Assignments form, click Add.

  3. On the Enter Overhead Rule Assignments form, complete one or more of these fields:

    • Business Unit

    • Project Number

    • Joint Venture

    • Company

    You must enter a value in at least one of these fields to create a valid overhead rule assignment.


    When you add a business unit, note that the system displays the name of the project number, joint venture and company associated with the business unit.
  4. Enter the required Overhead Rule field.

    This field represents the name of an overhead rule that the system uses to calculate overhead.

  5. To mark the overhead rule as inactive, select the Overhead Rule Inactive option.

    An option that indicates whether the overhead rule is active.


    If you mark a rule as inactive, the system will not use this specific rule for calculating overhead at this level.

    If you change a rule from the status inactive to the status as active, then the system will use that specific overhead rule for calculation when you run the Overhead Calculation program (R09J408).

  6. To create an additional rule, click in the next blank line in the detail area of the form, and complete the steps listed above.

  7. When you have finished assigning your rules, click OK to save your changes, and then click the Cancel button to exit the form.