D Mapping Requirements for Processing Multicurrency Automatic Receipts

This appendix contains the following topics:

D.1 Multicurrency Fields Required in the F03B13Z1 Table

This table lists the multicurrency fields that are required in the Electronic Receipts Input table (F03B13Z1):

Field Name Alias Type Length Description
Currency Code RUCRCD Alpha 3 A code that identifies the currency of the receipt. The value entered in this field must exist in the Currency Codes table (F0013).
Exchange Rate RUCRR Number 15 The rate that is used to calculate any gain or loss for the invoice that is paid. If the exchange rate is the same for the receipt and invoice, no gain or loss is calculated.

If you leave this field blank, the exchange rate is retrieved from the F0015 table.

Enter an exchange rate if you want to override the exchange rate in the F0015 table, or if one is not set up.

Currency Mode RUCRRM Alpha 1 A code that indicates whether the receipt is domestic or foreign. If the receipt is in a currency that is different from the base currency of the invoice it pays, it is considered foreign and a value of F should be entered in this field.

This information must be entered on the bank tape when you are entering transactions in an environment in which multicurrency is activated, regardless of whether the transaction is domestic or foreign.

Foreign Open Amount RUFAP Number 15 Do not complete this field.

Enter the receipt amount in the Check Amount field (RUCKAM) and, if using Known Invoice Match With Amount (R03B50D), enter the amount of the receipt in the Gross Amount (RUAG) field, regardless of its currency.