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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Australia/New Zealand Payroll

2 Setting Up Payment Information

3 (AUS) Processing Employee Leave in Australia

4 (AUS) Processing State Payroll Taxes for Australia

5 Setting Up Tax Information

6 (AUS) Setting Up Foreign Employment Information

7 (NZL) Student Loan Tracking and Reporting

8 Processing Payments

9 (NZL) Managing KiwiSaver Contributions

10 (AUS) Processing Payment Summaries

11 Understanding Payroll Processing for Australia and New Zealand

12 (AUS) Terminating Employees in Australia

13 (NZL) Generating the New Zealand IR File and Report

14 (NZL) Processing Employee Leave in New Zealand

15 (AUS) Managing Superannuation Information

16 (AUS) Managing Single Touch Payroll in Australia (Release 9.2 Update)

A Australia/New Zealand Payroll Reports