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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UX Roles

2 Understanding UX One Role Navigation

Part I Accounts Payable Roles

3 UX One Role: Accounts Payable Manager

4 Additional UX One Components for Accounts Payable

Part II Accounts Receivable Roles

5 UX One Role: Accounts Receivable Manager

6 UX One Role: Collection Manager

7 UX One Role: Credit Manager

8 Additional UX One Components for Accounts Receivable

Part III Advanced Pricing Roles

9 UX One Role: Pricing Operations Manager

10 UX One Role: Procurement Pricing Operations Manager

11 UX One Role: Strategic Pricing Manager

12 Additional UX One Components for Advanced Pricing

Part IV Agreement Management Roles

13 UX One Role: Procurement Agreement Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

14 UX One Role: Sales Agreement Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part V Benefits Management Roles

15 UX One Role: Benefits Manager

Part VI Blend Management Roles

16 UX One Role: Wine Cellar Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

17 UX One Role: Winemaker (Release 9.2 Update)

Part VII Capital Asset Management Roles

18 UX One Role: Asset Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

19 UX One Role: Maintenance Manager

20 UX One Role: Maintenance Scheduler (Release 9.2 Update)

21 UX One Role: Maintenance Supervisor

22 UX One Role: Maintenance Technician (Release 9.2 Update)

23 UX One Role: Operations Manager

Part VIII Fulfillment Management Roles

24 UX One Role: Fulfillment Manager

25 Additional UX One Components for Fulfillment Management

Part IX General Accounting Roles

26 UX One Role: General Accounting Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

27 Additional UX One Components for General Accounting Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part X Grower Management Roles

28 UX One Role: Crop Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

29 UX One Role: Field Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XI Grower Pricing and Payments Roles

30 UX One Role: Grower Contract Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XII Health and Safety Management Roles

31 UX One Role: Safety Manager

Part XIII Homebuilder Management Roles

32 UX One Role: Lot Start Manager

Part XIV Human Capital Management Roles

33 UX One Role: Human Resources Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XV Inventory Management Roles

34 UX One Role: Inventory Accounting Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

35 UX One Role: Inventory Control Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XVI Manufacturing Roles

36 UX One Role: Plant Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

37 UX One Role: Production Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

38 UX One Role: Production Scheduler (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XVII Outbound Inventory Management Roles

39 UX One Role: VMI Account Manager

40 UX One Role: VMI Agreement Manager

41 Additional UX One Components for Outbound Inventory Management

Part XVIII Payroll Management Roles

42 UX One Role: Payroll Manager

Part XIX Procurement Management Roles

43 UX One Role: Procurement Manager

44 UX One Role: Strategic Buyer

Part XX Project Management Roles

45 UX One Role: Project Manager

Part XXI Real Estate Management Roles

46 UX One Role: Lessee Accounting Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

47 UX One Role: Lease Administrator (Release 9.2 Update)

48 UX One Role: Property Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XXII Rental Management Roles

49 UX One Role: Rental Operations Manager

50 Additional UX One Components for Rental Management

Part L Requisition Self-Service

51 UX One Role: Requisition Manager (Release 9.2 Update)

Part XXIV Sales Order Management Roles

52 UX One Role: Customer Service Manager

53 UX One Role: Customer Service Representative

54 Additional UX One Components for Sales Order Management

Part XXV Service Management Roles

55 UX One Role: Field Service Manager

56 UX One Role: Field Service Supervisor

57 UX One Role: Service Agent Manager

58 UX One Role: Service Contract Manager

59 UX One Role: Service Operations Manager

Part XXVI Transportation Management Roles

60 UX One Role: Shipping Supervisor

61 UX One Role: Transportation Manager

62 Additional UX One Components for Transportation Management

Part XXVII Warehouse Management Roles

63 UX One Role: Warehouse Manager

64 Additional UX One Components for Warehouse Manager

A UX One Inquiry Programs (Release 9.2 Update)