A Tables Used by Warehouse Management

This appendix contains the following topics:

A.1 Warehouse Management Tables

This section lists the major tables used in Warehouse Management.

Table Description
Inventory Constants (F41001) Contains information for day-to-day transactions, including:
  • Location number definition

  • Warehouse control data

  • Default units of measure

  • Inclusion rule, which determines the document types and status codes to process through the system

Location Master (F4100) Contains basic information about each warehouse location, such as zones and level of detail
Location Dimensions (F46022) Contains the dimensions and maximum weight capacity of location dimension groups
Item Master (F4101) Contains basic information about each item, including:
  • Item number

  • Description

  • Search keys

  • Category codes

  • Default units of measure

  • Advanced Warehouse Management process groups

  • Item dimension group

Item Units of Measure Conversion Factors (F41002) Contains the unit of measure conversion equations that are unique to the warehouse item and its default unit of measure structure information
Location Characteristics (F46021) Contains a list of characteristics that you use in random movement instructions
Location Capacity (F46024) Contains the quantity of an item (or an item group) that fits into each location by item unit of measure
Allowed Containers by Location (F46026) Contains a list of the containers that you allow in each location
Unit Of Measure Standard Conversion (F41003) Contains the unit of measure conversion equations that are common to all warehouse items
Item Branch File (F4102) Contains default item information, including each item's process and dimension groups, and other parameters that are common to every unit of that item in the warehouse
Item Location File (F41021) Contains each item's quantity information, general ledger class, and lot status in each location
Item Profile (F46010) Contains a profile of every item in the warehouse
Item Unit Of Measure Definition (F46011) Defines every unit of measure for each item in the warehouse
Warehouse Requests (F4600) Contains putaway, pick, and replenishment requests for inventory movement
Warehouse Task Header (F4601) Contains inventory movement tasks and the corresponding trips that warehouse employees make to fulfill the tasks
Putaway Reservations (F46130) Contains locations that you reserved for storage of a particular item
Warehouse Suggestions (F4611) Contains putaway, pick, and replenishment suggestions for inventory movement
Location Detail Information (F4602) Contains the items, quantities, and units of measure that exist in each location
Item Ledger File (F4111) Contains a history of all inventory movements
Demand/Supply Inclusion Rules (F34004) Contains the order types (sales, procurement, and so on) and the order statuses at which the system creates a request
Process Selection Rules (F46093) Contains information about an item's process groups and order groups, and the movement instructions for putaway, picking, and replenishment that you match to each set of groups
Movement Instructions (F46095) Contains information, such as zones and tiebreakers, about how the system selects locations for putaway, picking, or replenishment
Order Groups (F46092) Contains order types that you assign to a group to use in the Process Selection Rules table
Unit Of Measure Groups (F46096) Contains units of measure that you assign to a group to use in the Movement Instructions table
Fixed Locations (F46012) Contains locations that you use only for putaway, only for picking, or only for replenishment by item
Random Locations (F46821) Contains a list of valid random locations that match the characteristics that you defined in a random rule
Random Tables (F46822) Contains characteristics that you match to location characteristics to create a table of valid random locations
Container and Carton Codes (F46091) Contains a list of storage containers and shipping cartons, and their dimensions and weights
Carton Recommendation Rules (F46013) Contains information about the quantity of each item that fits in each carton so that the system can recommend cartons for shipping
Maximum Putaway Quantity by Zone (F46025) Contains the maximum quantity of each item by unit of measure that you allow in each zone
Fixed Replenishment Zones (F46051) Contains a list of zones from which you allow the system to replenish fixed picking locations
Default Locations/Printers (F40095) Contains the default warehouse code (branch/plant) and the default printer output queue for transactions that you process through the subsystem
Distribution/Manufacturing Constants (F4009) Contains information that specifies whether the item unit of measure conversions are unique for each item or applicable to each item in the warehouse
Available Space Tiebreaker (F46027) Contains information about constants that the system uses during putaway location selection