Aggregate Tables in Oracle Communications Data Model

Aggregate tables are tables that aggregate or "roll up" the data to one level higher than a base or derived table (and other functions can also be in the aggregate tables such as average, count, min, max, and others).

The aggregate tables in the default Oracle Communications Data Model are actually materialized views and have a DWA_ prefix. These aggregate tables provide a view of the data similar to the view provided by a fact table in a snowflake schema.

The default Oracle Communications Data Model defines several aggregate tables. For example, the DWA_BER_FER_ERR_RATIO_MONTH table aggregates the values of the DWD_BER_FER_ERR_RATIO_DAY table to the month level.


The "Aggregate Tables" topic in Oracle Communications Data Model Reference for a list of the aggregate tables in Oracle Communications Data Model.

If, during fit-gap analysis, you identified a need for simple aggregated data that is not provided by the default aggregate tables, you can define new materialized views. When designing these tables, keep the following points in mind: