The preface contains information on how to use the Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Installation and User's Guide, and an overview of what this guide contains.

OpenStack is a very flexible solution that can be configured, deployed, and used in various ways. This document provides guidelines to easily build a multi-node OpenStack deployment using Oracle Linux.

This document guides you through different options for deploying OpenStack on Oracle Linux. It begins by describing some basic features of OpenStack and describing how to set them up for an OpenStack deployment. It continues by providing the installation steps and demonstrating how to use several features on the network and storage stacks.

For simplicity, a small configuration has been chosen for examples. The example configuration includes a controller node, and multiple compute nodes. While it is possible to configure OpenStack in various ways with the tools described in this guide, the discussion is limited to a simplified configuration, allowing you to discover the possibilities of running Oracle Linux with OpenStack.

OpenStack has a rich feature set and various services. After going through this guide, you should have a good foundation from which to learn more about the different OpenStack features and experiment with them in the environment you create. OpenStack continues to evolve by adding new services and further developing existing services. To find out more about existing and new OpenStack features, see the OpenStack documentation available at: