Oracle® OpenStack for Oracle Linux

Release Notes for 2.0.2

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December 2015

Table of Contents

1 Audience
2 Related Documents
3 Command Syntax
4 Conventions
1 Introduction
1.1 Licensing Information for Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
1.2 Getting the Software
2 What's New?
2.1 What's New in Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2.0.2 (Kilo)?
2.2 What's New in Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2.0.1 (Kilo)?
3 What's Supported?
3.1 Hardware and Storage Prerequisites
3.2 Software Prerequisites
3.3 Hypervisors Supported
3.4 Networking Supported
3.5 OpenStack Services Supported
3.6 Deployment Configurations Supported
3.7 Getting Support
4 Known Issues
4.1 Kollacli Release 2.0.2 Cannot Deploy 2.0.1 Containers
4.2 Neutron Networking Not Working After Updating to Release 2.0.2
4.3 Docker Fails with IP Firewall
4.4 Required Open vSwitch Kernel Module Not Installed
4.5 Nova Container Fails to Start
4.6 Nova-iscsid Container Fails to Start
4.7 No Docker Logs for nova_libvirt Container
4.8 Nodes in a RabbitMQ Cluster Must Be Resolvable With Their Short Host Name
4.9 NFS Backend to Cinder Not Supported With Default Driver
4.10 NFS Backend to Cinder Backup Requires NFS 4.1
4.11 Creating a Cinder Volume Fails Due to Missing Default Volume Group
4.12 ISCSI ZFS Cinder Driver Not Supported
4.13 Heat and Murano Services Cannot Be Deployed to a Custom Standalone Group
4.14 Unable to Manage Network Namespaces from a Network Node
4.15 Horizon Displays "physnet1" as "default"
4.16 Murano Cannot Access External Network
4.17 Error Resizing Instance on Hyper-V Compute Node
4.18 Errors in Swift Object Auditor Logs
4.19 Multiple Container Configuration Files Not Supported
4.20 Security Risk Allows All Users Admin Rights
4.21 Data Containers Not Updated
4.22 Post-Deployment Configuration Changes Are Not Automatically Copied to Containers