Generating a Network Cartridge Guide

When you create an Activation Network Cartridge project to set up a network cartridge, a Documentation group entity is displayed in addition to the cartridge icon under the new project in your Studio Projects view. This feature enables you to create the Cartridge Guide template. After you have built your cartridge, the feature enables you to generate most of the required cartridge documentation.


The Cartridge Guide template is created as a starting point for Activation Network Cartridge project documentation; you can, however, replace the template with a different file.

To generate a cartridge guide:

  1. In the Studio Projects view, expand the contents of the Documentation group.

    The Cartridge Guide file and Templates folder appear.

  2. Double-click the Cartridge Guide file.

    The standard template for creating cartridge guides opens in MS Word as an RTF file.

  3. Scroll down the cartridge guide template until you reach the Cartridge Model section with the text Paste Model Documentation Here.

  4. Right-click on the cartridge project and select Copy Documentation to Clipboard from the context menu.

  5. In the Cartridge Guide template's Cartridge Model section, highlight Paste Model Documentation Here.

  6. Right-click and select Paste from the context menu.

    The Design Studio-generated documentation for the cartridge now appears below the Cartridge Model heading.

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Editing Topic Overviews in the Cartridge Guide

You can edit the overview text for any of the four generated documentation topics by making changes to the appropriate overview template file. Consider the following example, which demonstrates how to change the overview paragraph below the Atomic Actions heading:

To edit the Atomic Action topic overview section:

  1. In the Studio Projects view, expand the contents of the Templates folder.

    Several files appear, each containing overview text for the indicated topic.

  2. Double-click the Atomic Action Overview file to display its content in the text editor.

  3. Edit the overview text as needed.

    When you have completed the updates, right-click in the editor and select Save from the context menu to save your changes.

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