Understanding Design Studio for Activation Projects

Design Studio supports three types of Activation cartridges:

Additionally, an Environment perspective is required for deployment of all Activation cartridges.

When working with Design Studio for Activation cartridges, see the following topics:

About Activation Network Cartridge Projects

Developers can create new Activation Network cartridges in Design Studio to support a single type of network equipment (for example, for a DMS-100 switch), or import existing cartridges into Design Studio and modify them. You configure Activation Network cartridges for a single vendor, technology, and software load. Typically, a cartridge developer will deliver Activation Network cartridges to solution designers and solution teams, who use the Activation Network cartridge components to create customer-specific service models.

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Working with Activation Cartridge Projects

About Activation Service Cartridge Projects

Solution designers develop Activation Service cartridges to create a service model that can activate services on different types of network equipment, as the service actions and atomic actions within the Activation Service cartridge may be missing one or more of the vendor, technology and software load tokens. Modelers can use elements of Activation Network cartridges in Activation Service cartridges for implementation when creating common service models. Solution designers purchase and then import Activation Network cartridges, to build one or more Activation Service cartridges that link down into components within network cartridges and that are specific to an offered service. Service cartridges incorporate the many different types of equipment used to set up and provide telephony services.

You can use Activation Service cartridges to create customer-specific service models. These cartridges can contain customer-specific service modeling elements as well as links to elements in other cartridges. While an Activation Network cartridge always has the three associated attributes (a vendor, such as Ericsson; a technology, such as DMS; and a software load, which references the release number), an Activation Service cartridge does not necessarily contain all these attributes. Activation Service cartridges have elements that generally span multiple types of vendor equipment, can run multiple software loads, and may or may not include one or more of the Activation Network cartridge attributes.

When creating an Activation Service cartridge, there are two required attributes that you must specify: a service attribute (for example, Prepaid) and a Domain attribute (for example, Mobile).

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Working with Activation Cartridge Projects

About Cartridge Project Upgrades

When legacy cartridge projects, developed using earlier Design Studio versions, are imported into Design Studio or when the workbench is loaded, the projects are upgraded to the new project format. The new project format is incompatible with earlier Design Studio for Activation versions. The conversion is one-way using the Design Studio Platform's Project Upgrade wizard. See Design Studio Installation Guide for more information.

Design Studio's project upgrade logic is responsible for identifying and orchestrating the conversion of interdependent projects. Where several projects with interdependencies need to be converted, the Design Studio Platform upgrade logic performs the conversion in a correct order. For example, an SRT project that depends on an Activation Service project, which depends on an Activation Network project, will first convert the Activation Network project, then the Activation Service project then the SRT project.