Packaging Activation SRT Cartridges

Packaging enables you to control what elements to include in the SRT cartridge SAR file that you will deploy to an Oracle Communications ASAP environment. Packaging enables you to control what elements are deployed to an ASAP environment. For example, you want to exclude from deployment new lookups that are not yet ready to be deployed and tested. Or, you may have service bundles that you want to deploy to specific ASAP environments.

To package an Activation SRT cartridge:

  1. Select Studio, then select Show Design Perspective to display the SRT cartridges.

    For each cartridge, higher level information is available and can be edited within the Project editor.

  2. In the Studio Projects view, double-click the Project entity to open it in the Project editor.

  3. Select the Packaging tab.

    The cartridge packaging instructions information appears, with a list of all types of elements that can be packaged inside the cartridge. By default, everything within the cartridge project will be included when the cartridge is built.

  4. To specify which elements should be included for any of the element types (service bundles, lookups, translations, and so forth):

    1. Select the element type to display all elements of this type in the Entity column.

    2. Deselect Include all from Project.

      All elements are cleared from the list.

    3. Click Select to display the Service Bundles Selection dialog box.

    4. Select the service bundles that you want to include when packaging the cartridge and click OK.

      The specified service bundles appear in the Service Bundles Entity column.

  5. Select File, then select Save to save the changes.

    The cartridge is rebuilt and contains the specified elements.

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