Creating New Activation SRT Cartridges

You use the Activation SRT Cartridge Project wizard to set up an Activation SRT cartridge project. After you create a new project, you configure additional cartridge details in the Activation SRT Project editor.

To create an Activation SRT Cartridge project:

  1. Select Studio, then select Show Design Perspective.

  2. In the Studio Design perspective, right-click in the Studio Projects view and select New, select Project, then select Activation SRT Project.

    Alternatively, select Studio, select New, select Project, then select Activation SRT Project.The New Studio Activation SRT Cartridge Project wizard appears displaying the Activation SRT Cartridge Info dialog box.

  3. Enter a name for the project.

  4. Accept the default location or browse for another location.

  5. Select the appropriate target version.

  6. (Optional) Click Next to change the Java configuration in the Java Settings dialog box. For example, you can add libraries in the Libraries tab (the configuration can also be changed later).

  7. Click Finish to complete the cartridge project.

    In the Studio Projects view, a new Activation SRT Cartridge project appears. The project contains one entity, which represents the service cartridge.

  8. Configure the SRT Cartridge specifications and parameters in the tabs of the Project editor.

    In the Studio Projects view, double-click an Project entity icon to display the Project editor.

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