3.3 Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems

This section provides information about how to provide feedback and contact support for the Oracle Secure Global Desktop product.

To provide feedback or to ask a general question, you can post to the Secure Global Desktop Software Community Forum. Forums are Community-monitored and posting to the Secure Global Desktop Software Community Forum does not guarantee a response from Oracle. If you need to report an issue and have an Oracle Premier Support Agreement, you should open a case with Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com.

If you are reporting an issue, please provide the following information where applicable:

  • Description of the problem, including the situation where the problem occurs, and its impact on your operation.

  • Machine type, operating system version, browser type and version, locale and product version, including any patches you have applied, and other software that may be affecting the problem.

  • Detailed steps on the method you have used, to reproduce the problem.

  • Any error logs or core dumps.

3.3.1 Contacting Oracle Specialist Support

If you have an Oracle Customer Support Identifier (CSI), first try to resolve your issue by using My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com. Your Oracle Premier Support CSI does not cover customization support, third-party software support, or third-party hardware support.

The Oracle Secure Global Desktop Information Center on My Oracle Support contains links to knowledge documents for SGD.

If you cannot resolve your issue, open a case with the Oracle specialist support team for technical assistance on break/fix production issues. The responding support engineer will need the following information to get started:

  • Your Oracle Customer Support Identifier.

  • The product you are calling about.

  • A brief description of the problem you would like assistance with.

If your CSI is unknown, find the correct Service Center for your country (http://www.oracle.com/us/support/contact-068555.html), then contact Oracle Services to open a non-technical service request (SR) to get your CSI sorted. Once you have your CSI, you can proceed to open your case through My Oracle Support.