B.6 Character Protocol Engine Tab

Use the attributes on the Character Protocol Engine tab to tune terminal emulator processes.

From the command line, use the Section D.17, “tarantella config list” command to list these settings, and the Section D.16, “tarantella config edit” command to edit these settings.

Changes to these attributes take effect for new Protocol Engines only. Existing Protocol Engines are not affected.

B.6.1 Maximum Sessions

Usage: Enter a number in the field.


The maximum number of application sessions each Character Protocol Engine handles.

More Character Protocol Engines are started to meet demand.

Command Line

Command option: --cpe-maxsessions num

Usage: Replace num with the maximum number of application sessions.

The following example specifies a maximum application sessions setting of 20 for each Character Protocol Engine.

--cpe-maxsessions 20

B.6.2 Exit Timeout

Usage: Enter a number in the field.


The length of time, in seconds, a Character Protocol Engine process continues to run without any active connections.

Command Line

Command option: --cpe-exitafter secs

Usage: Replace secs with the time period, measured in seconds.

In the following example, the Protocol Engine exits after 60 seconds if there are no active connections.

--cpe-exitafter 60

B.6.3 Command-Line Arguments

Usage: Enter command-line arguments in the field.


Any arguments to the Protocol Engine. For example, the name of a log file.

Only change this setting if Technical Support ask you to.

Command Line

Command option: --cpe-args args

Usage: Replace args with the arguments to pass to the Protocol Engine.

The following example specifies an error log file for the Protocol Engine.

--cpe-args cpeerror.log