D.6 tarantella array detach

Removes a secondary server from the array of SGD servers it belongs to.


tarantella array detach --secondary serv


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies the peer DNS name of a secondary server to remove. The server name must be the name of a secondary server in the same array.

You can only remove one server at a time.

To remove the primary server from an array, first use Section D.11, “tarantella array make_primary” to make another server the primary server and then detach the old primary server.

When you use this command, the secondary server is removed from the backup primaries list for the SGD array.


After running this command, it is advisable to wait until SGD has copied the changes to all SGD servers in the array before running any further tarantella array commands. Run the tarantella status command on the primary SGD server to check the status of the array.

If you are using secure intra-array communication, the secondary server generates its own Certificate Authority (CA) certificate and its own server peer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate when it is detached. In a standard installation, secure intra-array communication is enabled for an SGD server.


The following example removes the secondary server boston from the array.

$ tarantella array detach --secondary boston.example.com