D.11 tarantella array make_primary

Makes a secondary server the primary server for the array that it is currently a member of. The previous primary server becomes a secondary server.


tarantella array make_primary --secondary serv


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies the peer DNS name of the secondary server to be made the primary server.


After running this command, it is advisable to wait until SGD has copied the changes to all SGD servers in the array before running any further tarantella array commands. Run the tarantella status command on the primary SGD server to check the status of the array.

If you are using secure intra-array communication, the new primary becomes the certificate authority for the array and issues new server peer SSL certificates to all SGD servers in the array. In a standard installation, secure intra-array communication is enabled for an SGD server.


The following example makes the secondary server boston the primary server in the array.

$ tarantella array make_primary \
--secondary boston.example.com