D.17 tarantella config list

Lists global and server-specific attributes and their current values.


tarantella config list { [ --setting... ]
                         [ --server serv ]
                       } | --file file


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Names an attribute you want to list the value of. If no --setting is specified, all global and server-specific attributes are listed.


Lists server-specific attributes for the specified SGD server in the array. Use a peer DNS name or IP address. If omitted, lists server-specific attributes for the SGD server where the command is run.


Specifies a file containing a batch of commands to list attributes.

For detailed information on global attributes, see Appendix A, Global Settings and Caches.

For detailed information on server-specific attributes, see Appendix B, Secure Global Desktop Server Settings.


The following example lists global attributes, and server-specific attributes for the server newyork.example.com.

$ tarantella config list --server newyork.example.com

The following example lists the value of the array-port-unencrypted attribute.

$ tarantella config list --array-port-unencrypted