D.29 tarantella object add_host

Adds application servers to the list of those that can run an application, for application server load balancing.


tarantella object add_host { --name obj...
                             --host hobj...
                           } | --file file


The following table shows the available options for this command.




The names of application objects you want to configure load balancing for.


The names of application server objects you want to add to the load balancing pool.


A file containing a batch of commands to configure application server load balancing.


Make sure you quote any object names containing spaces, for example, "o=Example Organization".


The following example adds the application server rome to the load balancing pool for the application Slide-o-Win.

$ tarantella object add_host \
--name "o=applications/cn=Slide-o-Win" \
--host "o=appservers/ou=Sales/cn=rome"

The following example adds the group WinHosts to the load balancing pool for the applications Write-o-Win and Slide-o-Win. Load balancing is performed across all the application servers in WinHosts.

$ tarantella object add_host \
--name "o=applications/cn=Write-o-Win" \
"o=applications/cn=Slide-o-Win" \
--host "o=appservers/cn=WinHosts"