D.33 tarantella object delete

Permanently deletes objects from the organizational hierarchy.


tarantella object delete { --name obj [ --children ] } | --file file


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies the name of the object you want to delete.


When deleting organizational units, Active Directory containers or domain components, confirms that you want to delete the object and all objects that belong to it, recursively. As a safeguard, it is impossible to delete an organizational unit, Active Directory container or domain component without specifying --children.


Specifies a file containing a batch of commands to delete objects.


Make sure you quote any object names containing spaces, for example, "o=Example Organization".


The following example removes the user profile object for Violet Carson.

$ tarantella object delete \
--name "o=Example/ou=Sales/cn=Violet Carson"

The following example deletes the organizational unit Sales.

$ tarantella object delete \
--name "o=Example/ou=Sales" \