D.70 tarantella print cancel

Cancels SGD print jobs that are currently spooled.

You can run this command on any SGD server in the array.


tarantella print cancel { 
                          --all | --person pobj... [--server serv]
                        | --server serv }


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Cancels all print jobs spooled across the array.


Cancels jobs with the specified job IDs.


Cancels jobs belonging to each specified user profile, which must be the name.

If this is used without --server, SGD cancels all print jobs for each specified user profile.


Cancels jobs on each SGD server listed. Use the peer DNS name for each server.

If this is used with --person, SGD only cancels the print jobs for each specified user profile on each specified server.


The following example cancels print jobs for Bill Orange.

$ tarantella print cancel \
--person "o=Example/ou=IT/cn=Bill Orange"

The following example cancels all print jobs on the SGD server detroit.

$ tarantella print cancel --server "detroit.example.com"