D.71 tarantella print list

Lists print jobs currently spooled.

You can run this command on any SGD server in the array.


tarantella print list 
         { --jobid id... | [ --person pobj... ] [ --server serv... ] }
         [ --format text|brief ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Lists jobs with the specified job IDs.


Lists jobs belonging to each specified person, which must be the name.


Lists jobs for each specified SGD server. Use the peer DNS name for each server.

If this is used with the --person option, SGD only lists the spooled print jobs for the specified user profile on that server.


Specifies the output format.

The “text” format displays a block of text for each print job, showing each print job attribute, for example the job ID and job owner, on a new line. A blank line separates each job. This is the default.

The “brief” format shows print job attributes on one line.

If you omit --jobid, and --person or --server are used, all print jobs across the array are listed.


The following example lists print jobs for Bill Orange, in “text” format.

$ tarantella print list \
--person "o=Example/ou=IT/cn=Bill Orange"

The following example lists print jobs in “text” format for Bill Orange and Rusty Spanner on the SGD servers detroit and chicago.

$ tarantella print list \
--person "o=Example/ou=IT/cn=Bill Orange" \
"o=Example/ou=IT/cn=Rusty Spanner" \
--server "detroit.example.com" \