D.76 tarantella print status

Displays information about SGD printing services, including the following:

  • Whether printing services are available, not available, or paused.

  • The number of print jobs spooled.

You can run this command on any SGD server in the array.


tarantella print status [ --summary |
                          --server serv | 
                          --namemapping ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Shows information for the array.


Shows information for the SGD server listed. Use the peer DNS name for the server.


Lists all the current name mappings used for printing. The print name mapping table ensures that users can print from an application and then exit the application, without losing the print job.

These name mappings expire in time. You can set the expiry timeout on the Global Settings, Security tab in the Administration Console.


The following example displays information about SGD printing services for the array.

$ tarantella print status --summary